10 Scientific Water Facts Everyone Should Know

10 Scientific Water Facts Everyone Should KnowWater is the most important molecule for our bodies. It is a component of every one of our organs. You can go weeks without consuming food, but you can only go a few days before your body becomes dehydrated and begins to shut down.

Because we don’t always remember how much water we need, we often overlook its importance. Following are some of the most important benefits of water that you may not have remembered.

Top 10 Water Health Benefits

1. Reduce Cancer Risk

This benefit is related to our digestive system. Some studies show that drinking the right amount of water each day for your body type may reduce your risks of bladder and colon cancer. Water dilutes the concentration of carcinogens in your urine, and it shortens the time in which they’re able to contact the lining of the bladder.

2. Relieves Fatigue

The body uses water to flush out toxins. If there is not enough water present, your organs have to work harder to keep your body in line. Your heart has to pump faster just to get oxygenated blood to your body’s cells. Your organs are exhausted and you feel fatigued.

3. Improve Exercise Performance

Consuming enough water will keep your basal body temperature regulated, and it keeps it in a healthy range during exercise. You feel more energetic, and the water will help fuel your muscles.

4. Maintain Mood

When your body is well taken care of, it rewards you. When you put the wrong things in, your body will often express itself in kind. Drinking enough water keeps your body “happy,” so it keeps you feeling in good spirits as well.

5. Better Digestion

Digestion is one of the most important systems in the body. It is linked to many other systems and conditions, so it’s no surprise that water improves it as well. Drinking water raises your metabolism, and the ability of fiber to aid in the process is also helped with water.

6. Less Pains

When your body is hydrated, your joints and muscles stay lubricated. Dehydration facilitates pain in the muscles and joints that linger and disturb you.

7. Improved Immunity

Instead of looking for a magic potion to prevent you from falling ill, just rely on the most important part of your health. Drinking water helps your body fight against the flu in addition to reducing your chances of developing kidney stones and having a heart attack. When paired with lemon it can improve respiratory issues, intestinal problems and rheumatoid arthritis.

8. Better Skin

Most people who care about their appearance try their harder to avoid dry skin. Hydration isn’t something to be found by applying expensive creams because it begins on the inside. Staying hydrated from the inside out will provide a more youthful appearance and repair skin tissues. It also increases the elasticity of the skin.

9. Better Productivity

Most of the matter in your brain is water. When you lack it, there are psychological and mental side effects. Drinking it in ample amounts helps you think better, concentrate more efficiently and stay awake.

10. Less Fat

Drinking water actually helps you lose weight and maintain a healthy weight as it flushes down the wastes when fat is broken down in your body. Drinking water can also keep you satiated, so you can down a glass of calorie and sugar-free water to fill you up while eating.


Though it can be hard, getting enough water is essential to having your best health. You can make small steps to add more into your day. Have a cup of water whenever you have a snack, or add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. The juicier they are, the more water you get.