Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.Harriet van Horne

Our beloved food blog My Dream Cooking, is dedicated to all those weekend kitchen warriors out there who love good food, sharing the best recipes, tips and meals with those they love.

We believe the time spend around the dinner table, breakfast nook, counter bar or kitchen island is sacred, a time to relish and enjoy.

Whether you are new to cooking or a ‘seasoned’ vet, or somewhere in between we welcome you with open arms. We would shake your hand, but ours is covered in pastry dough at the moment.

Our attitude around here is pretty casual, we like to keep ‘things’ real. No food snobbery will be found here, just great recipes, advice on the latest kitchen gadgets and other tidbits we would like to share along the way.

We realize that perfection is in the eye of the beholder, and that each family is unique with their own traditions, customs and way of doing things. So, we will not strive for ‘perfection’ but instead hope to give you ideas that help you ‘carve out’ your own way in the kitchen.

As for this blog writer, when she is not in the kitchen concocting some new masterpiece for her family, she may very well be at the gym, one of her favorite places to be, probably working off the extra calories from some delicious goodie eaten the night before.

Or, as a freelance writer, she can often be found at her desk, honing her craft.

She is originally from Seattle, Washington and has lived in every state on the pacific coast and even in Mexico for a time. Don’t be surprised if she shares a few regional dishes from time to time, she just might do that.

Thank you for reading! Hasta la Vista, Baby.